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Mesotherapy :
Pioneered in the 1950s by French physician Dr. Michel Pistor, is the painless injection of vitamins, minerals, medications, and amino acids placed just under the surface of the skin. Mesotherapy has a variety of applications including weight loss, cellulite reduction, face and neck rejuvenation, and hair regrowth . Therefore, the injected solution is individually prepared depending on its purpose. Unlike other medical treatments, mesotherapy is administered directly to the desired area. This limits side-effects, reduces the possibility of drug interactions, and allows for a substantial reduction in the amount of medicine utilized for each procedure.
Cosmetic uses Medical Uses
  • Weight Loss
  • Cellulite Removal
  • Face and Neck Rejuvenation
  • Hair Loss / Alopecia
  • Help in Quitting Smoking
  • Arthritis Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Help with Anxiety and
  • Chronic Infections
  • Bone Spurs
Weight Loss - For those patients seeking weight loss, mesotherapy is a revolutionary and essential tool. This is how it works: the biology of the fat cell is modified by blocking the signals of fat accumulation and simultaneously triggering the release of stored fat. Again, the desired area of treatment can be patient specific, targeting your most problematic areas. Additionally, a complete dietary and nutrient evaluation will help you maintain your weight loss goals.

Cellulite Reduction - Cellulite affects the majority of women over the age 20. It is caused by poor circulation, fat herniation, a weakening of connective tissues, lymphatic congestion and hormonal imbalances. Cellulite is classified into four stages, based upon its appearance while standing, laying, and pinching the skin. Causing a dimpling and cottage cheese appearance of the skin, cellulite is not a disease of excess weight. Mesotherapy treatment is targeted to correct these problems by improving circulation, strengthening connective tissues, and dissolving excess fat.

Hair Regrowth / Alopecia - Alopecia, the loss of hair, affects both men and women. Alopecia results from poor circulation, nutritional imbalances, and the excess of a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Mesotherapy can correct these problems, stimulating the body to naturally grow lost hair.

Face and Neck Rejuvenation / Mesolift - Aging, sagging and wrinkling of the skin occurs from accumulation of fat, loss of skin elasticity and excessive free radical damage. Using antioxidants and amino acids, mesotherapy can remove fat from under the neck, remove free radical damage, and tighten loose skin. The effects rejuvenate the face, eyelids, and neck without the unnatural appearance and painful recovery of surgical face lifting.

Body Sculpting - Contouring of the abdomen, arms, back, legs and hands can be obtained with mesotherapy. Vitamins and amino acids are used to tighten sagging skin while other agents are used to remove areas of fat, restoring a more youthful and athletic appearance to the body's contours.

Medical uses - Mesotherapy also has a variety of medicinal uses. Treatments can benefit those patients suffering from muscle spasms, stress, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, infections, RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), and osteoarthritis, among other conditions. Such a wide variety of conditions can be treated with this technique as each treatment is formulated to meet each patient's unique problem. Mesotherapy is administered only into the problematic area, avoiding the side-effects of taking oral medications. For example, the dosage of medication used to alleviate the pain of osteoarthritis is approximately 1/50th of the comparable to the equivalent oral dose taken over a one-week period.

After weight loss injection It can reduce 6 kgs./2 week
After weight loss injection 39 days
Anti-obesity and cellulite treatment
1.Mesotherapy is the injection of medical cocktail for dissolving fat cells and increase metabolism of fat cells around the area of treatment ex.Belly ,Thigh ,Back ,Cheek ,Calf ,Arm with very fine needle,p;ainless and no side effects .Results can be seen in 7 days after the first time of injection
Price. 2,500 THB./1 syringe(1 area of treatment ex.Belly or 2 Thighs need 1-2 syringes)
2.Pills for increasing metabolism of fat cells with synergistic action when combine with Mesotherapy.
It can reduce your total body weight approx. 2kgs./wk.
Price. 80 THB./pill

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